Paperback, 494 pages with Index, photos and other illustrations.

  • Letters
  • American History
  • Family History
  • Women's Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Gender Studies
  • American Craft
  • Customs and Manners
  • History of Private Life
  • Genealogy

    Susan Lilly, who was a costume designer for twenty-four years, is fascinated with the minutia of daily life, and the social meaning of material culture. Her grandparents left behind a complete record of such things, in their letters. Continuing from Dearest Shortness, where we first met “Red Top” and “Shorty,” Susan has lovingly transcribed and commented on her grandparents’ engagement letters in Mail Time, Dearest, with a third book to follow. Susan lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, and teaches yoga at Lewis and Clark College.

She’s into stuff and he’s worried about money. Yes, work is plentiful now, but a young draftsman takes his chances out in the world. She’s rounding up all her girlfriends to help her finish hemming all the sheets and embroidering all the lingerie, and he reports at least weekly on the construction of their unit in a new craftsman-style apartment house.
She is in a social whirl, what with organizing for the move to Alliance, Ohio and church and teaching and callers and evening entertainment and whatever else. We hear in detail about her engagement announcement party and all the congratulations from her friends at home in York, Pennsylvania.
He tells her all about the new electric lights which are everywhere in Alliance, and the new gas stove, and makes it clear that he’s the boss. She fusses back and all is well for now.
The honeymoon plans are extensive, with an early morning wedding and a 10:30am train to Niagara Falls. They plan the trip of a lifetime. And they talk about the first night and how it will be. They have waited for it for so long.

Ads from her magazines and catalogs as well as family photos illustrate the story.

~Susan Lilly~

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